Moving Forward

By Joe Sinopoli



A Builder's Log


CHANGING VISIONS is a journal which looks "under the hood" of The Present Dimension. 


At its simplest, this a Spirituality Brand which explores The Great Mystery—in the many different ways this takes form. We see the investigation and expansion of consciousness as the most interesting and invigorating task of life. It is our business, our brand, and our purpose to engage with the world through this lens.


However, this is also a living philosophy project. CHANGING VISIONS will go into the nitty-gritty as to "what" this actually is, what it's goals are, and as will follow how it takes form ... And will follow how it takes form. 


These logs are loose and conversational. They are journals of an interior process, and can be a bit chewy.


 AUG 25, 2021:


The Present Dimension is three things:


(1)THE IDEA: A Philosophy

(2)THE SPACE: A Feeling

(3)THE BRAND: A Creation


They all inform each other and are all ever-changing. 


THE IDEA is a 



None of these are stationary. No part of this Brand is immobile. For it is just a wayfinder that points to The Idea. And in dialogue about this Idea, we all may engender the actual Feeling. And from this, we then try to communicate. That is, of course, where The Brand comes in.


If this feels knotty, don't worry. The Present Dimension is best experienced without the chewy backbone to its organic nature. At it's core, it's about the Mystery of Consciouness, and about our respective walks into this Great Mystery. 


So in the spirit of Mystery, feel free to drop out now. If you're one of those with tilted eyes asking "Okay, but what is this, actually?" let's jump in:



The overarching umbrella "The Present Dimension" is a container which will hold an ecosystem networked projects which "points" to this Space. At its most ambitious, it is aiming to engender that space, both individually and collectively. This is to say, let us look into the beauty and meaning and intrigue of life! Let us leap into our own minds—and the strange ride of life—and really ask the Big Questions. Or feel the richness of life. We are unabashed in our embrace of life's joys...for its those little sparks of glory which give light to the rest of our lives!


Perhaps sensed that this is simply articulating traditional religious and spiritual and mystical experiences through a different semantic container? 


This is a Philosophical experiment in creating a space from an idea. There's an idea of an experiential space, and as we illuminate and articualte that space, it becomes more real. We can all relate to this space, of course—despite it being ineffable, albeit defined. Whether it's a moment of awe, Love, God, love — blah blah blah ... It's an timeless and simple idea, but it demands out of our creative souls new routes of translation, dialogue, and communication, tailored to the age, simply to rexamine and reaffirm what is has been an eternal conversation.


We speak different languages, communications, styles, aesthetics. We have an idea that's important to us, so we're expressing it through various new mechanism. 


Thus, this is Spirit masquerading as a brand because brands are ...poem


"The Medium is the Message." We are trying to create a new genre, a new form.


To be a bit more specific about that:


—A Philosophical Idea

This is our ever-shifting rendering of reality, which playfully named "The Present Dimension" as a kind of catch-all for "altered states" and moments of presence, surprise, gratitude etc. 

Most specifically, all of the above could be considered separate frequencies in and of themselves. A major part of our array are writing which posit different frameworks of reality—through different lenses. 

"The Present Dimension" is a very broad lenses, which acts as a map of our consciousness. But this idea unfolds into an many more precise ideas regarding Reality Tunnels, co-creation and resonance. Ultimately, consciousness is a vast spectrum.


—Behind all this jargon—all the "ideas" and "philosophys" is a real embodied experience. This is where our real interest lies, in the exploreation those aforementioned little sparks of transcendence, whether that's as mystical as a mushroom trip or as mundane as mopping the floor. It means something to each person, and our primary intention is unlocking that feeling in ourselves and others however we can. 

Thus, at our foundation this is a metanoetic command masquerading as a brand. It is, quite literally, an attempt to invite us all into simple presence. Or into jubilant wonder! Or into greater community! It's an invitation to Feel Alive, whatever that means for you!


Thus, the brand is an outpouring of the articulation of that. The translation of an ineffable thing into something. The Brand is the physical extension of the Idea. 

The Brand is just a wayfinder. Thus, this is a Brand open to anyone at any moment. If you Feel something, even just a glint of light, you're gearing into The Present Dimension. It's really about creating a sense of Wonder.


And while it may engender individual experiences, The Present Dimension is also a communal space. You may uncover it during a great dinner conversation, or during shavasana. It's that moment of unity at a live concert after the show ends.


This Brand's aim is to cultivate that space. We all visit it from time to time. Thus, the most ambitious Dream of The Present Dimension is a the manifestation of a collective space, both abstract and realized, in which we can all simply Be—for a second—outside of the chaotic currents which rip us apart. The world is turning faster. We can all feel it. We're not so polyanna to say "Oh, let's hold hands" (although we share in Love with the Brothers and Sisters who do!) 

We believe reality is mediationed the ............


Thus, this is simply a way of re-imaginging ancient wisdoms, and doing so in a sustainable, coherent manner which shines modern light onto old forms. This is a new form. 


We creating an interactive hyper-object that is a simulacrum. 


But we're trying to have fun while doing it ... As serious as such lofty topics may seem, this is all just a little dance to see what happens. I am in the Upper Room.


The Present Dimension, amongst other things, is attuned to momentary reflections and intutions. I, it's author, 



1) The explore ideas that feel intriguing, meaningful, and fun.

2) Through tangible, manifest things. The real world.

3) Mine the magic moments of life, those Moments of Awe, Glory and Inspiration that quietly set fire our lives.


If you've made it this far and you're into what you hear, then:

A) Engage. With yourself. With others. With This Brand! What really gets us jazzed are other folks finding some dash of meaning, joy, or waking up.

B) Connect with us! The Present Dimension is, by design, a brand anyone can join. In fact, the moment you're ____ in the brand!

C) Support. At the most intimate level, simply sharing this project with others who may find it fascinating, eye-opening, provoking, etc. Is part of what makes this tick.

You can support This Present Moment, which is an essay series aimed at exploring these ideas. We have apparel, and will slowly be layering on our physical services and offerings. This is, of course, a birthing process. 

The Path is ever-shifting. Hence these journals. But we have a grand vision, of a new form. It is an intersectional matrix which married Art and Philosophy, Spirituality, Memetics, and a whole big bunch of stuff!


How? It will become a multivariate network of communication streams, events, products and avenues of thought which all lends themselves to a specific resonant frequency. (Paper here!) 

The nature of memetics, the metaverse, and so on ... We are creating digital spaces. This is just a different kind of space, one we FEEL. But it's still frequency!


I have an primal conviction as to what is possible. This is an genuine and Dharmic attempt at helping wake others up to The Great Mystery, and in doing so, continuing to lift my lid ever the more slightly, foreverever looking forward, always falling back, and only—in my most joyous—being the....


In the future, we can unpack that all. But until then!